How To Break Grips

Have you ever rolled against a training partner with powerful grips? It can feel like your kimono has been caught in the gears of a giant machine and you are being pulled inside!

At the high end of competition grappling, much of the fight is about who can establish the grips they want.

So, how do you break the grips of your opponent?

When I was a purple belt, I noticed how important this part of jiu-jitsu was and devoted much concentration to learning how to break grips.

Here are five videos that will help you learn the same.

Keenan Cornelius Shows Grip Breaks

Breaking the Spider Guard

Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches four options to breaking the spider guard.

Roger Gracie on How to Break Grips From Lasso-Half Guard Pass

Do you have a guy in your academy with a great lasso guard? It can be a nightmare to pass! Check out this video by Roger Gracie for help.

In Olympic level judo, grip fighting is an art unto itself. Here are two great techniques on how to deal with the two most common standing grips.

How to Strip the Lapel Grip of a Larger Opponent

Emily Knowk shows how to stop a bigger opponent from manhandling you with a lapel grip.

Xande Ribeiro – One Handed Grip Break (Y Grip Break)

This is simple but effective. Try it!

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