How to Fight Someone Bigger and Taller

In the world of combat sports, there will be occasions when a competitors is going to have to fight somebody who will have a size advantage over them. Recently, world renowned coach and head of the world famous Tri-Star Gym, coach Faris Zahabi released a video on Youtube that takes a look at How to Fight Someone Bigger and Taller. The world famous coach says that he gets more questions about how to fight somebody with a size and weight advantage than about any other topic. This happens a lot more outside of MMA now, taller versus smaller fighters, because of the weight classes in the various MMA promotions a round the world.

However, the size disadvantage still does come into play and checking out this amazing video by Coach Zahabi will help you find ways to defeat the much bigger competitors. The video not only features Coach Zahabi teaching you techniques about how to get the job done, but photo and video looks at the different size mismatches in combat sports. This video is an amazingly valuable tool for the smaller competitors to learn the necessary skills in order to overcome the disadvantages of facing those who come into the fight with a size advantage.


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