How To Loosen Up Your Feet & Legs In The Morning For Decreased Anxiety & Increased Balance In BJJ

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In the earlier parts of my day, I channel much of my awareness towards grounding my energy by opening up my feet and calves. This helps me to bring my anxious energy and ground it. Balance, stability, and steadiness will increase from doing these exercises, which is essential for jiu-jitsu.

What Happens to Your Lower Body in Your Sleep

When you sleep, the bottom of your feet tighten up. So in the morning, I love spending extra time opening this area up. I use a ball similar to a golf ball for the bottom of my feet and the foam roller on my calves.

I’ve found that in order to be stable, grounded, and exhibit strength, we must be able to sink into the ground. If our lower legs — especially our feet — are tight, this is quite difficult, as we are on “eggshells.”

Roll Bottom of Foot

Rolling the feet helps to lengthen the fascia on the bottom of the feet. This ties into the calf, hamstring, and ultimately buttocks.

By lengthening this tissue we create a more firm base and help to unravel tension all throughout the legs.

It’s also a simple formula. The procedure is as follows:

  • Using a golf ball or something of the sort
  • Practice spreading toes apart keep a wide foot and put pressure through the foot and roll
  • Go off feel
  • There is no right or wrong way
  • Focus on having a relaxed exhale and not rushing to your inhale

Calf Release

This ties hand in hand with tight feet, and as I mentioned above, you will feel it most in the morning. Globally foam rolling the calf (meaning we go across the entire piece of tissue rather than a small portion of it) helps to unravel the strand of tissue even more. It’s simple to do and mainly just requires a sawing back and forth over the pipe.

Slant Board

The slant board is a good way to activate the tibialis anterior and shin musculature because the slant of the board induces a calf and Achilles stretch.

This board will help cue the “neuromuscular command” of the lower leg that’s essential for stability and balance. Once this connection is achieved, you will hold a stronger structure.


Irradiation Technique

You can find the full cues that cover this technique in this previous post here, but the video should cover it all!

Final Considerations

You don’t need to necessarily perform all of these exercises, but at least picking a few to do every morning, as early upon waking as possible, will go a long way in helping you ground your energy.

In addition to the physical effects, the internal steadiness and calmness is what brings me back to these techniques on as close to a daily basis as possible!

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Until next time, stay mobile friends!


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