How To Lose Friends & Alienate People: Wristlocks From Closed Guard

Source: YouTube

Wristlocks are a proven and efficient technique. They also have a tendency to piss off your opponent. Why you ask? A lot of people don’t train them regularly, they can break bones easily and quickly, and most people are too busy thinking about their next big move to anticipate a wristlock.

Wristlocks are usually illegal for beginners in tournaments for a reason. They’re downright dangerous if you don’t know how to control how much pressure you put on the submission. It’s always best to let a training partner know if you’re interested in working some wristlocks during rolling.

This video demonstrates two simple entries and finishes for wristlocks from closed guard. One starts with a grip break and the other a quick cross grip.

How often do you train wristlocks?



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