‘Everybody Love Everybody’ – MMA Vs. BJJ

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Professor Tim Credeur is not only a decorated Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt, but he is also a retired MMA fighter, so he’s tired of hearing both sides of a never-ending argument:

Are jiu-jitsu contests really a “fight”
or should grapplers stop calling them that?

Credeur makes a valid point, “If you don’t think a jiu-jitsu match is a fight, you’ve never done a real jiu-jitsu match.”

He goes on to address the rift between jiu-jitsu competitors and MMA competitors, and calls the whole argument “shenanigans.” At the end of the day, he calls for respect for all martial artists no matter what they practice.

There are so many life scenarios that we consider fights like cancer or a life threatening illness, depression, or loss of a family member. Why is it so hard to consider a jiu-jitsu match a fight?

Is there any validity to the argument that only MMA bouts should be called “fights” and grappling contests should be called “matches”? The danger is just as real in both cases, and both sports have referees and a rule set. The argument could even be made that neither are a “real fight”.

In the words of the great Jackie Moon, “Everybody love everybody! Come on!”

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Posted by Tim Credeur on Tuesday, April 24, 2018


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