How to Spot Con Men, Criminals, and Cult Leaders in BJJ

By William Murphy, Ph.D.,IBJJF Black Belt 3rd Degree, USJA San Dan Judo

Most BJJ black belts are hard working, good people, that spend a lot of time helping other people improve.

Sadly, just because someone earned a black belt in a martial art (including BJJ), does not always mean that they end up being a good teacher or business partner.

If your instructor is doing any of the questionable practices below, you don’t have to accept the explanation that “everybody does it, ” because not every academy does.

And, you don’t have to automatically accept the explanation that “this is how it was done in Brazil”.

Because there is a good chance that is not the only way it was done in Brazil, and also: we aren’t in Brazil.

Here are some ways to spot a black belt who may have the wrong habits to be trusted with your time, money, or development.

Claiming Medals Without Wins, and Entering Students at lower belt levels:

Some instructors advertise gold medals on their resumes when they or their student had no one to fight in their division for that tournament.

Some instructors advertise Silver Medals on their resumes when they or their student had only one fight in their division, which they lost.

This kind of instructor is teaching their students to lie, and is lying to the public.

Many BJJ tournaments do give out “participation gold or silver medals” to adults with only zero, one, or two others fighters in their division.

However, to advertise that you or your student won a gold or silver medal (without winning a single fight) shows the mentality of someone willing to lie about his or her accomplishments, abilities, and credentials.

Instructors that have their students enter tournaments as lower belts than they really are in order to maximize medals won, are also con men. This is a lie. Even worse, the instructor is telling their student to lie to the rest of the BJJ community, including the tournament officials and the other participants.

No one who teaches their student to lie, cheat, or claim false valor should be in the role of a teacher.

Black Belts Who Don’t Roll, and who also prohibit their students from rolling at Open Mats:

BJJ schools where the black belts do not roll with their students while simultaneously forbidding their students from training at open mats where other black belts do roll with lower belts, usually mean that you are dealing with someone without real mat skills, who is not a real BJJ black belt (because real BJJ black belts love to roll, except when they are very badly injured).

We make some exceptions for severe disability and old age.  However, BJJ has always been a “show me” sport.  The ability to show your knowledge — by performing the techniques, often against resisting opponents — means more than any certificate, no matter who signed it.

Outrageous Merchandise Mark Ups Combined with Mandatory purchases:

Some schools sometimes require that you buy Gi’s or merchandise from them. There is nothing wrong with selling merchandise from the school at a profit. However, if the school owner is selling the same Gi brands that you can get online, but they are selling them at 100% or 200% mark up over the normal retail price, that becomes a bit onerous.

If you want an expensive specialty Gi brand, they are usually cheaper online than buying them through BJJ schools. And, there is no practical reason that the $50 all-cotton white or blue Judo Gi’s from cannot be used for everyday practice. Walmart sells $5 all cotton long sleeve t-shirts that work just as well for everyday no-gi practice as $50 rashguards.

Excessive Promotion Fees:

Some instructors sometimes require excessive promotion fees.

A promotion fee becomes excessive when it exceeds both the cost of the belt they are giving you and the cost to get a certificate printed.

A variation on this theme is requiring you to pay for a seminar with the instructor in order to get promoted.

You already paid for the classes every month to get the skills for your belt.

If you are paying more than $20 or $30 for a promotion fee, or you have to take a mandatory promotion seminar for money, that is a sign that your instructor (or their network) wants to tax every penny possible out of the student’s wallets.

Required (or pressured) Private Lessons:

Some instructors pressure their students into taking expensive private lessons to speed their promotion progress. You can learn a lot from private lessons, but private lessons work best when they are the salt sprinkled on top of heavy servings of class, drill, and roll time.

The worst martial arts con men will sometimes get students to pre-pay for dues, services, and products that they never deliver. After getting the pre-payments, sometimes they close up shop.  Or, they simply never get around to doing what they promised to do when they were given the money.  These instructors usually count on the martial arts “family” relationship to keep the victim from prosecuting their claim to recover their money.

BJJ Violent Crimes During Practices

The worst BJJ instructors will punish those that offend him by popping their arms or choking them out. Or, these violent BJJ instructor will tell his “enforcers” to pop other people’s arms or choke other people out.

This behavior is especially cowardly when the person about to receive the punishment hasn’t been properly warned that hell is coming before the roll.

It’s one thing to throw the gauntlet of challenge at someone you have a problem with; to demand the satisfaction of resolving the matter via combat, or a roll.

It’s quite another thing to prey on someone who is simply expecting a friendly training-room roll and has not been given fair warning they have to really and truly defend themselves against an opponent who wants to really injure them, not just make them submit via a clean tap.

If you discover that your instructor condones, enables, orders, or executes violent physical enforcement, it’s time to leave the gym for good – no second chance to be given! It is true that many of us were part of the BJJ culture that did this twenty years ago, but those of us who were can tell you that nothing good ever came of it.  The deliberate injury of others as a form of punishment is a criminal act, because of the intent involved. This is especially the case if these punishments are done without communication of the coming danger to the victim or are done in violation of the “let go on tap” rule.

Signs of Cultish Behavior and Other Red Flags:

Some instructors set themselves up as mini-cult leaders.  They may tell their students whom they can and can’t roll with or drill with outside of the gym.

Some even tell students whom they can or cannot socialize with outside of the gym (ie, “you can’t hang out with the guys from non-affiliated local gyms, even when they are not at the other gym”).

This is a directive only a megalomaniac would be bold enough to give.  But, it would be even more insane for you to actually obey the instructor who was willing to give his customers or friends these ultimatums.

Also, instructors that have sexual relations with their students do not take their role as a teacher seriously. If they do this serially, then that is a pretty good sign of how they view the students.

Pressured, Expected, or Required Free Labor from the Students

It is healthy for the students to take pride in the dojo. It is common for students of any discipline to want to show appreciation for their teacher. But there is a huge difference between everyone helping out with keeping the dojo clean and presentable, and the instructor routinely soliciting free professional services from his students. Asking students to perform what would be hundreds of dollars worth of labor in web services, or medical services, or mechanic services, (without trading back the equivalent in private lessons or some other quid pro quo), is also a very questionable thing to do, given they are supposed to behaving professionally, with professional ethics, as a teacher. As a rule of thumb, if the service takes more than a couple minutes, and has nothing to do training, the professor should pay the student for it, or at the  very least trade back the equivalent amount of private lesson time outside of regular classes.

Other Red Flags

Some instructors also maintain other habits that are not congruent with being in a teaching position to the public.  This includes hard drug use, serially cheating on their significant others, stealing, etc. Don’t condone it, don’t learn those habits, and don’t spend a lot of time with those that do, lest their habits rub off on you or affect your reputation.

Don’t Support Cons, Criminals, or Cults

Con men, criminals, and cult leaders in any industry can and will do whatever they can without getting busted by the authorities and whatever the market will bear.

You are the “market”.  If you are supporting a con man, a criminal, or a cult leader with your dollars, then you are helping them to exploit the next group of marks and victims.

Don’t spend time around someone who will “rub off” on you in a negative manner.

Get away from relationships –instructors or otherwise- that are serially lying, abusing illegal drugs, cheating on their spouse, deceiving the public, stealing, trying to control who you socialize or do business with, sleeping with their students, or deliberately injuring other people.

You don’t want to spend much time with those people as your friends who have influence on you.

You certainly don’t want this kind of negative influence to be your martial arts teacher, who is supposed to help you reach your best self.


  1. I agree with all of the above, except the merchandising. Sometimes I feel like some jiu jitsu schools are a fashion show, with everyone showing up with a different color gi. It really does a lot to help build camaraderie in your school by having everyone where your school’s gi’s. My school doesn’t require it, but they sell black, blue, and white gi’s with the school’s logo and patches on it, when everyone wears the same uniform, it helps build the image of being a team, as well as helps to know who to root for at a tournament. Also, I have no issues with an instructor treating his school like a business and trying to make money. Isn’t that what we all do at work anyway? As long as they aren’t being dishonest or manipulative about it, I see no harm.

  2. Murphy how much do you pay for rent, insurance, water, electrical at your own school? How many tournaments did you win? When did you got your first black belt and your 3rd degree black belt?

  3. I’m gonna admit right now.. I have won over 50 medals by now (over a period of 10 years) and I’m sure there are one or two medals in that pile that I just got for winning one of no fights.. I personally believe that the level of the competition is more important then the medal itself.
    Lets be honest, what kind of level is a competition where there are only 2 or 3 guys in a poule?
    I just mean to say, what are those medals worth anyway?

    • Happens pretty often at smaller local tournaments, depending on the weight class. Not everyone can afford to travel around for the major events like Worlds or Pan Ams, so a lot of people rack up experience at small locals.
      Heck, I’ve often had less than 4 people in my division at NAGA because I fight at super-heavy, and there simply aren’t all that many people that big.

  4. Most of the article I agree with except merchandise. Most of you know that Gracie Barra requires their gyms to use Gracie Barra gi and rash gaurd, variably enforced in the 350 plus gyms world wide.

    • Hi Mr. Palmer,
      Gracie Barra has produced many fine competitors.
      Their ability to teach Jiu-Jitsu has been proven many times over.
      One my own BJJ teachers now runs a set of Gracie Barra gyms, and I have the utmost respect for him.
      My article does not address any specific gym or network, nor does it intend to.
      Best Regards,

      • To be fair, Ralph Gracie is on record saying that all his students should be wearing gym-provided Gis, or at least patches, whether they are training or competing.
        The Gi are only 20% more expensive than retail, and very good quality at that, and I don’t remember him making an issue out of it outside of a few comments or the occasional round of pushups.

    • Mr. PhD’s teacher is a GRACIE BARRA BLACK BELT Marcio Simas who is exactly what he is saying (cult) and he is also de FFBJJ President

      • I have the highest respect and regard for Prof Marcio Simas.
        I don’t know why you bring his name into this, unless you are one of his students.
        I suspect that he is older than you, has done Jiu-Jitsu longer than you, and that he likely knows more Jiu-Jitsu than either of us ever will.
        What is your last name, who is your teacher, and where do you train?

  5. Dear Mr. William Murphy,PhD
    I am a BJJ Sheriff just like you are pretending to be.I done some research and find out you don’t train with Marcio Simas or Sergio Penha for over 18 years!!! how in the world of God you earned your black belt and the three stripes your are claiming on your resume?
    Stop being a keyboard warrior Mr. Murphy. After I didn’t find a single trace of your name in tournament records I was also told you received your black belt in a hospice bed as you were dying from cancer. Miraculously, as I was told, you are a survivor. It would have been better if you died.

    • “Mark”,
      First, what is your last name, who is your teacher, and where do you train?
      I have been fully disclosing about who I am, where I come from, and what I do.
      But I do not see that you have listed your last name, and your academy as part of your profile.
      I am currently the senior ranked BJJ instructor at a BJJ and Judo school that includes several well skilled BJJ black belts, and some Judo black belts, and former college wrestlers.
      If you doubt my credentials, come to Sarasota, see the beach, and let us find out what the mats say.
      Best Regards,

  6. Murphy how much do you pay for rent, insurance, water, electrical at your own school? How many tournaments did you win? When did you got your first black belt and your 3rd degree black belt?
    Dear Mr. William Murphy,PhD
    I am a BJJ Sheriff just like you are pretending to be. I done some research and how in the world of God you earned your black belt and the three stripes your are claiming on your resume?
    Stop being a keyboard warrior Mr. Murphy. I was also told you received your black belt in a hospice bed as you were dying from cancer.
    It would have been better if you died.

  7. Murphy clearly is pissed off that life has disabled him with cancer. He forgets his masters are Brazilians, and he must obey them. I buy all my school’s merchandise. Murphy, are you pissed Rickson Gracie and IBJJF didn’t charge you $1 for your certificate. Do you feel they ripped you off? Let me see your complaint letter to them!

    • Mr. Pedro,
      I want all my friends from Brazil to succeed.
      This is not about Brazilians, or Americans.
      No one in Brazil would put up with an instructor that never rolls with his students who is under the age of 40 and is not suffering from some crippling injury.
      This is common sense, and everyone who has trained in Brazil knows it.
      Regarding being a leukemia patient…
      There is nothing I can do about the leukemia, if anything having leukemia has improved my Jiu-Jitsu technically.
      I make no apologies for having leukemia, sometimes I win, sometimes I lose.
      We all get old, after all. I am in my forties, and have been doing BJJ for over twenty years.
      But, even those of us with injuries or other challenges still find ways to bring our game at the black belt level and put it on the line with our students to make them better, win or lose.
      Best Regards,

  8. Your masters are Brazilian, and you must obey Brazilians. If you hate this art that is Brazilian, why don’t you do Kung Fu? Throw your black belt away!
    I was informed that your school only have bad apples that migrated from other places to get a cheaper place to train. Will Murphy has never formed a black belt from white. Take this PhD out of your name. You are a nerd!
    So, you own a school, how much you pay for the bills? You pay nothing! You have others paying for you, and you get the credit because you refuse to enforce the Brazilian rules.

        • In answer to “Mark’s” Judo comments:

          Our head Judo instructor is Sensei David Schrock, who is a multiple time Florida State champion in Judo, and was certified as a Judo Black Belt with the USJA back in 1994.

          Now it is true that Sensei Dave, like many old timers in Judo, is not currently active with the organizations, and just focuses on teaching people how to make people fall, and making them fall.

          Several members of our Judo group, including Sensei Bill Hausler, still maintain active black belt ranks in Judo under the USJA.

          If we desire to send our students to participate in USJA events or if our students would want their Judo ranks registered with the USJA, Sensei Bill Hausler, maintains an active club membership in the USJA for those situations as they come up.

  9. Ok the good thing about having 3 professors is this, cuz you will have to guess: I just spoke to one of William Murphy’s professors as we share the same tree and his response was: “Typical square player. Dedicated but not talented. Let him do his online thing. Leave him alone. Next time I give this honor to someone in the same situation… Only at the cemetary”. jajajajajajaja
    By the way, Mr. Murphy’s own master isn’t rolling much and he charges a fee for certificates and sells lots of merchandise here, and he does not train anymore. Cheers!

    • “Typical square player” poor technic lolol his way to get talented is to still my students and type on computer, lets not forget about his black belt in JUDO, I bet he doesn’t have any affiliation with a JUDO association

    • The Academia Jiu-Jitsu does not charge for certificates,
      and the only merchandise currently sold there are t-shirts (optional).
      If you are referring to Marcio Simas,
      First, Prof Marcio Simas is probably worth more than you ever will be in Jiu-Jitsu.
      Second, if you are really a student at one of Marcio’s schools why would you speak so poorly of a first class teacher?

  10. I know that you don’t pay any of your bills from your “own” school, and that you are a university professor. You don’t live from martial arts, you do this for fun, you are a computer nerd with total disregard to obeying Brazilians.

  11. Yes, “Mark” it is true that our school rent, electricity, etc is fully cash flowed from the member dues payments.
    Our night class mats are usually full, and the students pay a membership fee to train at the academy which covers all the expenses.
    And it is true that we often do get students that transfer to our school because they are dissatisfied with the other local schools.
    We have no contracts, we allow our students to cross train where ever they like,
    We have good mats, good instructors, reasonable rates, and we keep the place clean.
    And you are correct, we have a team of quality black belts who are either members and/or teachers and they all deserve the credit, not just me.
    You are also correct that I have a lot of fun being involved with BJJ, Wrestling and Judo, and that I stay involved because I love it.
    All of that is considered customary minimum standards in running a martial arts academy.

  12. In answer to “Mark’s” Judo comments:

    Our head Judo instructor is Sensei David Schrock, who is a multiple time Florida State champion in Judo, and was certified as a Judo Black Belt with the USJA back in 1994.

    Now it is true that Sensei Dave, like many old timers in Judo, has let his membership in the organizations go inactive, and he mostly focuses on making people fall and teaching others to make people fall.

    If we desire to send our students to participate in USJA events or if our students would want their Judo ranks registered with the USJA, Sensei Bill Hausler, maintains an active club membership in the USJA for those situations as they come up.

  13. I am a Gracie Barra black belt. GB owns the IBJJF. GB enforces our own Gis to all members as a method of financial gain, for obvious reasons. I am bringing this up to my masters and I will work diligently to investigate your actions and have your rank of black belt removed. At GB we don’t cross train with competitor schools. IBJJF charge for certificates. Basically you are offending Master Carlinhos Gracie and completely out of line. You are a disgrace, Willie.

    • Professor Monteiro,

      My academy is not a Gracie Barra academy, it is registered as an independent academy (it’s own team) with the IBJJF.

      I am not registered through the Gracie Barra franchise system as a Gracie Barra franchise black belt, nor do I run a Gracie Barra franchise.

      I received my belts and trained under the Marcio Simas and Sergio Penha team academy that predated Gracie Barra being established in Florida.

      However, I have respect for Gracie Barra black belts, and I try to give their black belts every courtesy, since Prof Marcio re-affiliated with Gracie Barra, and I respect him very much.

      Interestingly, while I am listed as a Black Belt with the IBJJF, your name is not on their black belt list.

      Even more interestingly, your name is not on Gracie Barra’s list of registered Gracie Barra franchise black belts, either.

      However, I will act as if you are a real person, with a black belt from Gracie Barra, and give you the courtesy of a response I would give any black belt, if just to clear up any confusion.

      My article was not directed at Gracie Barra. I have nothing against Gracie Barra,

      Frankly, I am not up to date on what Gracie Barra’s business practices are,

      Because the academy I run is not a franchisee of the Gracie Barra network.

      And, I have the highest respect for Prof Marcio Simas, just as I do for Mestre Sergio Penha, both of whom were my BJJ teachers.

      However, I now understand from your post, whomever you are, that you don’t appreciate my article.

      It would be disappointing indeed if you, claiming your representative status with Gracie Barra, could suppress public editorials written by BJJ black belts who ran schools that were not Gracie Barra franchises, that discuss consumer protection and consumer education points to the general public.

      Not disappointing because of any affect it would have on me, but disappointing because of the position that you put Gracie Barra in when you present that image to the public…that black belts running academies that are not Gracie Barra franchises can be censured or have their black belts removed if they discuss consumer protection awareness points that are not in line with your own opinions.

      Now, I am frankly surprised that you would think that any BJJ black belt would quake in fear and submit to an intimidation technique of any kind.

      I love Brazil, and I do love Brazilians. But, I am an United States American, and you seem to have a major cultural misunderstanding about how United States Americans respond when people threaten to oppress or suppress them.

      You seem to state that it is disrespectful for some one to raise concerns in a public forum on organizational, community, or governing body policies.

      In the United States, that is considered a civic obligation, so long as it is done sincerely, and an alternative solution is presented.

      The British threatened to punish the United States if we did not drink their tea and pay taxes on it; the founders of the United States immediately threw the tea in the sea, and started drinking coffee.

      My article was not disrespectful to any BJJ black belt that rolls with their students, doesn’t demand free outside labor from them, and operates within regular bounds for any United States business where there is a teacher-student relationship.

      I cannot say that your comments were respectful, or presented an attempt for reasonable dialogue.

      In fact, your comments seemed intended to present that if I wrote an editorial that disagreed with your opinions or the way that you run your academy, that you would leverage your relationship with whomever you know in the administrative positions in or from Brazil to have me punished and permanently silenced as a BJJ black belt, is that right?

      You can proceed with your intimidation tactics if you want, but you would have gotten much further with me by making intelligent debate for your own policies and preferences, or by proposing that my school and yours compete in a tournament against one another to give you the opportunity to get satisfaction for any imagined insult, than by threatening to whine about me to your superiors.

      • Very soon you will be doing American Jiu-Jitsu, while your students will look somewhere else legit to train, because American Instructors will never be the equals of Brazilians.

        • A real black belt never quakes in fear when someone tries to intimidate or bully him.

          You can keep posting your comments if you want, but they don’t address the points in the article, and they do not intimidate me.

          If you made some polite request or comment, I would have tried to show you courtesy.

          At this point, even though you claim to be a Gracie Barra black belt, I think I have satisfied the protocol of showing another black belt courtesy in responding to your comments.

    • Do you have some problem with Sensei Dave Schrock, our head Judo instructor, who has the final say on all the Judo promotions at our school, that you would like to discuss with him?
      Sensei Schrock won the Florida Judo Sunshine State Championships in the black belt division.
      Sensei Schrock’s own Judo black belt certificates were signed by Sensei Rene Duchesne, Sensei Zdenek Matl, and Sensei Billy Hausler.
      Sensei Schrock also teaches Judo at the YMCA Judo club and the Boy’s and Girls Judo Club in Sarasota.
      If you have questions for Sensei Schrock or Sensei Hausler regarding their Judo credentials or promotions or activities, I suggest you ask them directly.

  14. You just posted those quotes from Roberto Pedreira’s book and Reila Gracie’s book on to this Internet blog, and you posted that material without any care about not propagating that material on the Internet.

    You can’t post that material on to an Internet blog like you just did, and then accuse others of propagating the material on Internet blogs, *when you just posted that material on to an Internet blog yourself*

    And you posted that material out of context, without scholarly critique, just to advance your own personal vendetta against someone else.

    Those claims come from Roberto Pedreira’s book and Reila Gracie’s book, and are not my claims.

    Any obligation to prove those claims is on the people that made them, namely Roberto Pedreira and Reila Gracie.

    I am not Roberto Pedreira, and you just posted that material on to this public blog, not me, of course you posted it without using your real name or last name.

  15. Y did you do it!??
    On your facebook page you posted this about Carlos Gracie Sr.( SEXUAL CRIMES). Is this your form to show respect to the father of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu? Is this how you respect Carlos Gracie Sr.? Are you man enough to discuss this with Carlinhos Gracie Jr. or Marcio Simas? Both men, who signed your black belt certificate?

    BJJ Library

    The observations below are not my observations or opinions, but reflect the newspaper articles of the time that Roberto Pedreira researched to write his shocking book “Choque: The untold story of Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil”, and the comments of Reilla Gracie in her biography about her father, Carlos Gracie Sr.

    Roberto Pedreira references numerous newspaper articles that document that Carlos Gracie Sr did not spend any significant time training with Mitsuyo Maeda (Conde Koma).

    There were numerous newspaper articles that documented that Carlos and George Gracie actually started as students at the Academia Jiu-Jitsu of Donato Pires, the only Brazilian Mitsuyo Maeda ever gave a teaching diploma to, and that this was where they actually trained for three years, not with Conde Koma directly.

    Prof Pires was in pictures with Carlos, depicting Carlos as the student, and Prof Pires as the instructor during those years. Carlos and George later became assistant instructors, and ultimately ended up taking over the academy from Prof Pires when he retired from teaching jiu-jitsu.

    In subsequent events where Carlos claimed to have been a direct student of Maeda, and Prof Pires was asked if this was true, Prof Pires denied that it was, and stated that Carlos made that claim because it sounded better from a promotional perspective if Carlos was taught by a Japanese rather than a Brazilian.

    When reporters asked Maeda directly, Maeda could not recall whether he ever showed Carlos Gracie any moves or who Carlos Gracie was, but he did acknowledge that Prof Pires was a professor he had licensed to teach Jiu-Jitsu.

    There were only two public fighting matches with actual newspaper coverage featuring Carlos Gracie Sr as a fighter, and he did not win either of them. However, his brother George was a well documented prolific fighter, and to a lesser extent, so was his brother Helio. Oswaldo also was documented to have a fair number of fights, although less than George and Helio.

    • You just posted those quotes from Roberto Pedreira’s Choque book and Reila Gracie’s Carlos Gracie Sr book on to this blog…

      They are not my opinions, although they may represent your own opinions.

      If you had read my full review of those works, you would see that (1) I carefully disclaimed that the opinions of those authors are not my opinions, and (2) that I described their claims as “shocking”.

      You can present whatever you want from reviews and critiques I have made about other people’s books or videotapes or articles, out of context, but it has nothing to do with the article that I actually wrote above.

      If you have issue with the claims made by the authors of the books that made those claims, then you should address it to them.

      Contrary to what you seem to imply, I am NOT Roberto Pedreira, nor did I write the Choque books.

      And, I am certainly not Reila Gracie, and I didn’t write her book.

      I do write reviews of other peoples books, DVDs etc, and I always carefully disclaim that the opinions of the authors of the books or the creators of the DVDs are not my opinions when I write critiques of other people’s books and DVDs.

      Which as you can see, I made that same disclaimer that the opinions of Roberto Pedreira and Reila Gracie from their books are NOT my opinions, from you own copy and paste (even though what you did paste was out of context).

    • First, off you just perpetuated those Pedreira and Reila Gracie quotes by posting them on this blog to try and make your point, so you are obviously only interested in your own selfish agenda, not any desire to protect the Gracies.

      Second off, you know that in the Jiu-Jitsu value system you are being a coward by making these comments while trying to hide your identity.
      And deep down inside, you are ashamed of this, and who you feel you have to be, because you make your comments while hiding.

      So, why would I care what issues you have?
      A person too afraid of me to put his real and his last name…
      The only reason I answer your posts is to give you the chance to be a man and put your real name.

      You will have more self-respect when you do.
      It’s not like I am going to come over and beat you up.
      Just put your real name. You are also part of the Jiu-Jitsu community. Be a man.

  16. So, are you propagating false claims!? Everyone here can go to facebook (bjj library) and see what I am talking about it. I am not making up shit here am I mr bjj PhD!??
    You better have solid documentation from the Brazilian court to prove.
    Your “students” will be proud to tell the other schools they cross train with thet they are under William Murphy Phd. the guy from the internet blog. Hey tell them to come to Gracie Barra, Dela Riva, Aliance we Brazilians will be very happy to have them for lunch!!


  17. I can imagine a student of you after this going to the IBJJF trying to be recognized and they will get a big DENIED stamp because you have posted things that Gracie Barra Black belts are not allowed to even discuss in public…Delete yourself!

  18. I have a request of any judo people following this thread.
    Please do not judge all BJJ practitioners by the words of the “gentlemen” making comments to this article.
    With the exception of these commenters, who appear to not be afraid to use their real names when making their comments,
    I have found the BJJ community to be both high quality martial artists, and excellent men-women.
    The author of this article, is himself a fine teacher of both Judo and BJJ, whom I personally know.
    And who grapples or does Judo with anybody who walks on his mats.
    Anyone that wants to see the Judo credentials that I have acquired over the past few decades of competing in Judo and teaching Judo as a black belt in Judo, are welcome to come visit me and see them.
    I received my USJA Judo black belt certificate in the early 1990’s and have been competing and then coaching Judo non-stop ever since.

    David Schrock

  19. Professor Bill I believe Sensei Zdenek Matel is currently ranked Hachidan (8th Dan Black Belt in Judo), and serves as a master certified rank examiner for the USJA.

    Mark, I pray your journey leads you to peace.

    David Schrock

    • lololololololol You guys are avoiding the questions AGAINNNN, you know what, I am done with these American morons. I feel sorry for the people who train with you two.

      Carlos Gracie, Sr. – A fight promoter, plagued by personal scandals, who only had two public fights, neither of which he won.

    • So, YOU ARE SAYING IS WILLIAM PhD ISN’T CERTIFIED TO PROMOTE BLACK BELTS IN JUDO, but maybe he can buy his USJA certificate like he did with BJJ.
      Thanks for CLARIFYING.

    • So, YOU ARE SAYING IS WILLIAM PhD ISN’T CERTIFIED TO PROMOTE BLACK BELTS IN JUDO, but maybe he can buy his USJA certificate like he did with BJJ.
      Thanks for CLARIFYING.

  20. David Schrok, are you a Judo certified to give ranks? Is mr PhD certified!?? Or you are his buddy coming to rescue him?You share his opinions about the GRACIE family you are good as He. YOU POSTED BAD COMMENTS on his page ABOUT THE GRACIES AND JUDO MASTERS.
    ANYBODY HERE CAN READ THEM AND SEE FOR YOURSELVES. I feel sorry for Sensei Billy Hausler.

    Carlos Gracie, Sr. – A fight promoter, plagued by personal scandals, who only had two public fights, neither of which he won.

    • “Mark”:

      The signers on Sensei Dave Schrock’s 4th Dan Black Belt Judo Certificate from 2002 include the signature of Sensei Rene Duchesne (USJA 5th Dan in Judo, 7th Dan Judo in Sensei Phil Porter’s Judo Association), who was also the person who promoted Sensei Schrock to Judo Black Belt in 1994.

      Every year Florida Judo, Inc (the Florida arm of the USJI) still gives out a yearly award called the Sensei Rene Duchesne award.

      So, Sensei David Schrock’s original teacher who promoted him both to black belt in Judo, and then all the way up to 4th Dan Black Belt in Judo, was highly regarded as a high ranked Judoka by all the major US Judo associations.

      After Sensei Rene died, Sensei Schrock continued teaching at Sensei Rene’s original Judo club as a Judo black belt instructor for over a decade.

      The signers of Sensei Dave Schrock’s 5th Dan Black Belt Judo Certificate include:
      -Sensei Zdenek Matl (USJA 7th Dan in Judo, USJI 7th Dan in Judo),
      -Sensei Nick Lowry (who was ranked as 8th Dan in Judo by the USJA before he left that organization)
      -Sensei Chuck Caldwell (Retired. Sensei Caldwell studied Judo directly under Sensei Karl Geis. Sensei Karl Geis was one of the highest ranking American Judo men in America’s Judo History).

      So, yes, Sensei David Schrock
      after nearly 30 years of Judo practice,
      and 20 years as a Judo Black Belt,
      as someone who is himself a former Florida State Judo Black Belt Champion,
      and as someone who has been the coach of Florida State Judo champions,
      who has been promoted to 5th Dan in Judo by people who are themselves highly ranked in Judo,
      and who themselves directly studied under Sensei Karl Geis and Sensei Phil Porter who were the two highest ranked American Judoka,
      “Yes”, Sensei David Schrock is quite capable, and has been certified to give out ranks in Judo.

      Sensei David Schrock has the signed certificates from 7th Dan Judo Instructors to back that up,
      And more importantly: Sensei David Schrock is a multiple time Florida State Champion in Judo as a black belt,
      Who has a documented record of being the Judo coach at the Sarasota Boys and Girls Club for over 20 years,
      Who is currently the Judo coach at the Sarasota Judo Institute at the YMCA,
      and who is the head Judo instructor at the Academia Jiu-Jitsu.

      Sensei Dave Schrock may not know everything, but he knows how to perform Judo, teach Judo, and give out Judo ranks.

      Thank you for your inquiry.

  21. ahahahahah you both still don’t answer any of the questions, you guys a nuts, talking and talking but never answer ANYTHING, You both are a joke!

    Carlos Gracie, Sr. – A fight promoter, plagued by personal scandals, who only had two public fights, neither of which he won.

  22. You think because you got a black belt you can do whatever you want. YOU GUYS ARE YOUR OWN MASTERS, no wait, GODS, why don’t you buy a RED belt, its suits your personality better!
    I am tired of your talking around the questions.

  23. If you cut weight, train hard, show up to fight and no one challenges you then you deserve that gold! If you lose and take Silver because no one was there to take it from you then you deserve Silver!

  24. i trained my ass off for no gi worlds for a month straight….lost to the legend Franjihna by points 6-2…..dont tell me i didnt earn that silver because no one else had the balls to sign up

    • I respect what you have said.
      There is great honor for both the participants in the match you describe.
      Unfortunately, some unscrupulous “business people” would market a gold medal just for showing up to an empty bracket.

  25. Mark – Stop acting like a bratty child and start replying like an adult. Your posts are cringe-worthy…
    William – It seems my post was deleted. Why?

    • Hello Mr. Rodriquez,
      I do not see any Comments in the Trash folder or Spam folder for this article.
      If you made a Comment, and it is missing, I cannot say why that would be so.
      As you have probably noticed, I have not removed even the most critical Comments regarding this article.
      I welcome you to repost your Comment, if you would like, and I apologize for any inconvenience.
      Best Regards,

    • Mr. Rodriguez:

      After doing some research, I notice that you had made the following Comment (which is still up) on the other article I wrote:

      Comment from Jonathan Rodriguez on that article:
      “This sparked an intense debate on the BJJ UK Underground fb forum, and a pattern is starting to emerge:

      Instead of agreeing to disagree, the coaches who don’t want their students to train elsewhere will mount personal attacks and take moral high ground on anybody who has a differing opinion. This includes childish, illogical, and downright wrong arguments, as well as trying to discredit, insult and/or bully that person.

      Unfortunately this also comes from high level coaches (self appointed leaders of UK BJJ, UKBJJA).
      When reading their comments on “creontes” it’s hard to believe these are actually mature and respected grown men. Unfortunately they, and people like them, are unknowingly an embarrassment to a community I love, and this attitude is tarnishing my passion for BJJ…


      Could this be the Comment that you reference by any chance?

      Best Regards,

  26. To say you have been promoted by someone else especially in the Brazilian priesthood is the lowest form of credential. Nobody knows you like you know yourself. Stop accepting promotions all together from someone else. Empower yourself and recognize what your own abilities are. In the martial arts tradition it used to be there was no promotions or belt rankings. I am not impressed by anyone or where they got their belt from.

    Everybody leave whatever school you are at now and start your own academy


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