If You Are Impressed By Gordon Ryan, Wait Til You See His 13 Year Old Brother Tapping Out Adults

Garry Tonon Brown Belt Gordon Ryan took home $2,000 and the title of Newaza Challenge Champion today. Ryan has been on a tear in 2015, winning the NAGA World Championship, Grapplers Quest, numerous PGL super fights, and placing second at the ADCC North American Trials. As remarkable as his performances have been, his most impressive feat might be his development of his 13 year old brother Nick Ryan who entered and won the open weight division of the Kumite Challenge by tapping out both of his opponents with heel hooks this past May. If you follow Tonon and Ryan on social media, you will see the younger Ryan in some of their pics. The Ryan brothers could be the next version of the Diaz brothers in grappling, BJJ and maybe MMA.

Gordon Ryan winning the $2,000 at The Newaza Challenge

Posted by Jiu-Jitsu Times on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Here is the video of 13 year old Nicky Ryan winning the adult open weight division at the Kumite Challenge.


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