Igor Tanabe Puts Opponent To Sleep With Crazy Gi Choke, Opponent Wakes Up & Takes Ref Down

One of the crazier moments of jiu-jitsu this year happened at the SJJJF All Japan 2020 over the weekend in a match between Igor Tanabe and Masa Osada.

In the adult heavyweight black belt open weight final, filmed by Kinya Hashimoto of Kinyaboyz Tokyo, Tanabe had Osada stuck inside his closed guard and soon began working his gi around his feet, angling himself off to the side. In just a few moments, Osada slumped over, having been choked to sleep.

The choke was crazy enough on its own, but Osada didn’t seem to realize what had happened. As soon as the referee got him to wake up, a disoriented but still competitive Osada charged forward and took the referee down before realizing what was going on.

Following requests by fans for a technique demonstration, Tanabe shared that he’d learned it from Keenan Cornelius’s Lapel Encyclopedia and encouraged others to go subscribe to the online jiu-jitsu learning service.

You can watch the moment below:


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