Incompetent Police Officers Highlight The Need For Better Training

At a McDonald’s restaurant in Riverdale, Maryland, an intoxicated customer was recently subdued and arrested by three policeman. The manner of the arrest gave much cause for concern, because the customer was not physically aggressive towards the officers – even though he refused to comply with their demands. The officers tasered the customer numerous times, beat him with their batons and tried to wrestle with him on the ground — all to no avail initially. The Gracie Survival Tactics course trains police officers to detain suspects effectively, to reduce the use of deadly force.


  1. You obviously know absolutely nothing about law enforcement. I recommend you and everyone else on Jiu Jitsu Times stick to what you know.

  2. As an excop and jujutsu practitioner I can tell you know nothing of how the real world works and have obviously never tried to handcuff a person who didn’t want to comply in the street. The first time you try many of the go to moves with 30 lb of gear on and asphalt ripping your skin you will understand that mat skill dose not translate to real world application for police. There is no tap when the bad guy gets a better position you just die or end up seriously injured. In 15 years I have seen more officers medically retiered due to physically fights with suspects than have made it to retirement age. Mabey you should go out and try it fist hand before you give an uneducated opinion peace.


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