ADCC Champion Orlando Sanchez Discusses His Run to ADCC Championship, Overcoming Drug Addiction, His Ted Talk, and UFC Plans

Jiu Jitsu Times Podcast Episode 3: 

2015 ADCC Champion Orlando Sanchez was kind enough to sit down with us to talk us for the Jiu-Jitsu Times Podcast. Orlando often uses the term “Champion in Life” and definitely lives up to the praise. During the interview, he talked about training with 2-time ADCC Champion and current UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum to prepare for ADCCs. He also discussed where he was 7 years ago when he discovered muay thai and Jiu Jitsu while battling a drug and alcohol addiction and how a combination of muay thai, BJJ, and therapy saved his life. All of his life experiences have lead to him doing a TED Talk in the near future. Additionally, we discussed his future business plans and training at Kings’ MMA to prepare for a run in the UFC.

Please forgive me. I accidentally introduced him as the 2013 ADCC Champion in the beginning of the podcast.



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