Insane Loop Choke Puts Opponent To Sleep Instantly At Abu Dhabi Grand Slam Tokyo

It’s rare that you see a move that looks exactly like something out of a WWE match in Brazilian jiu-jitsu competition, but that is exactly what happend when Alexandre Vieira (mistakenly listed as Tiago Bravo) took on Youngsu Kim in the quarterfinals of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam.

Kim tried to jump guard early in the match, the butt scooted back. Vieira passed Kim’s guard then took the back. He then went for what looked like a guillotine choke, but spun under his opponent. Kim was obviously unconscious as Vieira picked him up on his shoulders tossed him down on the mats.

Check out the video below:

The Most Savage Loop Choke You'll Ever See

Without a doubt, the most savage loop choke you'll ever see: Alexandre Vieira puts his opponent to sleep in less than one minute. View more event highlights from the Tokyo Grand Slam on

Posted by FloGrappling on Saturday, July 15, 2017


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