It Is Important To Compete Under All Rule Sets

There are plenty of different rule sets in competitive grappling. Submission only, points, no time limit, all of these rule sets create a different experience for those watching and competing. Even if you do not like certain rule sets, it is important to still compete under those rules. Submission only has become the most popular type of competition, for obvious reasons. Personally, I think submission only is the best rule set. It isn’t perfect, but with a couple tweaks, it could really minimize the stalling that has plagued grappling competitions. But if you only compete in submission only, you are selling yourself short. Garry Tonon has recently said a similar thing in a FloGrappling interview. Even though Tonon has had great success under submission only rules, but he sees the value in different typed of rule sets. How can you know the extent of your grappling skills if you do not test yourself in different ways?


Having different rules when you compete makes you think differently. When there is a shorter time limit, you must adjust your strategy. If Heel Hooks are not allowed, then you must come up with a different way to finish your opponent. It is very obvious to see how it changes things on the mat, but it also translates to real life. Unlike competition, you can’t only compete in certain rule sets in life. You must constantly adapt and understand that sometimes things do not go your way. If you are able to use the same mentality when competing under multiple rule sets, then you will become a better-rounded person on and off the mat. Ultimately, no one can force you to compete outside of your comfort zone. It is up to you to push yourself on and off the mat each and every day!


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