Ronda Rousey’s ex-manager: ‘I created a monster,’You don’t forget where you came from.’

Darin Harvey, who used to manage Ronda Rousey, claims that karma, as well as Holly Holm, were responsible for Rousey’s defeat in Saturday’s pay per view UFC 193 headline event. Harvey is presently in litigation with Rousey, due to their disputed agreement. He managed Rousey throughout the first part of her career, and guided her when she initially rose to stardom. In 2013 though, Rousey sacked Harvey.

Shortly after assuming his role as Rousey’s manager, Harvey claims that he paid a top photographer and experienced publicist to put together press kits. Soon after this, Rousey became world famous and was featured in issues of ‘Time’ magazine and ‘Sports Illustrated’ — among many others. Harvey feels that he received no credit for Rousey’s success, and that she is a selfish person. He thinks that she started to believe her own hype and forgot where she came from. Source: USA Today



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