Jake Ellenberger Makes Quick Work Of ‘The Immortal’ Matt Brown

“The Juggernaut” Jake Ellenberger was in no mood to work late tonight, ladies and gentlemen.

In a match that only went 1:46 into the first round “The Juggernaut” scored a massive win over the number 9 ranked welterweight in the world, “The Immortal” Matt Brown.

Before the color commentators could utter the first sentence of the round, Ellenberger landed a huge punch, sending Matt to the canvas.  Brown struggled his way up, and for a minute seemed like he could turn the tide in his favor, scoring shots of his own.

But he didn’t.

Ellenberger landed a massive liver kick that dropped the Immortal one. As Brown turtled up, the Juggernaut went in for the kill, pounding his grounded opponent until referee Marc Goddard had no choice but to call an end to the bout.


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