Jiu-Jitsu And Your Smartphone

Grandmaster Helio Gracie didn’t have an iPhone. But if he did, he would have likely used it extensively in his training and development of jiu-jitsu.

Nearly everyone is walking around with a smartphone, and for BJJ guys, this is a huge asset.

There are several features you can use on your smartphone to help you with techniques.

Evernote For Technique Notes

I took a private lesson with a high-level black belt and knew that if I didn’t try to record the details, I would forget them. At a cafe outside the academy, I opened Evernote (a free app for making notes) and typed out all the techniques while they were still fresh in my mind.

I also use Evernote to keep the great articles I’ve read. Have you ever gone crazy trying to remember a great quote? Just copy and paste it into your Evernote.

BJJ Apps

I have a few of the apps. Most of them are affordably-priced around $10.00, and they allow you to choose whatever specific position your BJJ heart desires.

I have seen students come to open mat, go to a corner of the mat, and drill techniques from a BJJ app. The convenience is unsurpassed.

Stuck on the subway?

Waiting for an appointment?

Open the phone and study from a world champion anywhere you are.

Never before have we had such access to the top minds in BJJ.

Video Cameras

Most of us struggle to remember our techniques, but thanks to video cameras, we never have to worry about forgetting a detail again!

Every phone has a decent quality video camera attached. Most instructors don’t like students recording classes, but if you ask beforehand, they will likely consent to you taking a video of a technique.

I have offered to buy coffee or juice for a talented practioner to demonstrate a technique for my video: a cheap trade for a gold technique that you now have a permanent record of.

Videos can also help you point out your own mistakes. You may think that you are doing a move correctly, but when you watch yourself on video, you will see what your body is really doing! This can be immensely helpful in understanding a complex movement and correcting your technique.

Finally, videos can help get your friends interested in jiu-jitsu. Take a short video of yourself performing one of your best techniques, and share it on social media. In addition to the “likes” you’ll get, your friends may discover how interesting BJJ is and ask you to take them to class.

Smartphones can help your BJJ immensely, and if you haven’t used one already, I would encourage you to do so.

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