Jiu-Jitsu Tournie Time! A Little Overview

Alright you competitive medal chasers, you hungry go-getters, you… well, you first-time-ever-competing-not-sure-what-to-expecters… it’s tourney time! They’re popping up everywhere! Competing- it just depends on how far you’re willing to travel and how much money you’re willing to spend. I know I know, you’re asking yourself, but am I ready? Bah! Who’s ever ready? If you’re rolling on the mats and you’ve spoken with your Professor about taking that next step, you’re ready. From in-house battles to IBJJF there’s something for everyone. So let’s take a look at what’s out there this year. Now, being on the East coast I’ll admit I try to look for tournaments close to home, but I’m always making wish lists… and I also travel when the opportunity arises. If a tournament catches your eye, but isn’t a “right now option”, don’t discard it! Keep it in mind for next month, a few months out or next year. Now about those tournaments (in no particular order):
* IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation) is well-known. They have clear rules & there’s an online rule book with pictures; online registration & calendar; tournaments galore. I mean they have tournaments everywhere (US, International)! IBJJF tends to be on the pricier side, so try to take advantage of the early registration. Weigh-ins are with the gi & belt. One chance to weigh in. If you don’t make weight you are DQ. Very specific rules regarding attire for both Gi & no-gi. Registration cut-off date. $$$-$$$$
* UAEJJF is what most connect with the Abu Dhabi Trials. The rules are similar to those of the IBJJF with minor differences. Know your rules! They have clear rules & there’s an online rule book with pictures; online registration; few events. If you’re looking to win that trip to Abu Dhabi stay on top of things & know when and where you’ll be able to compete. You must be a member, and your gym/school must be registered in order to compete. Registration cut-off date. The tournaments are qualifiers for the Championship held in Abu Dhabi. $
*NAGA (North American Grappling Association). Same day registration is allowed. Online rules, including video; online registration; several tournaments. NAGA is decidedly different from IBJJF for no-gi. Weigh-ins are night before and day of, and you DO NOT weight in with your gi. $$-$$$
* ICONsport Grappling. Round Robin format with a twist. You’re awarded points for submitting or a draw only. Weigh-ins day of tournament only. Definitely read the online rules as this tournament format is completely different. Weigh-ins are without the Gi. $$
* Good Fight is a submission only tournament. They’re growing in popularity and tournaments offered. Rules are online and are pretty well outlined. If anything needs clarification I suggest you contact them. One big difference is Good Fight allows you to register online but pay at the door. Online & day of registration. Weigh-ins are without the Gi. $$
* Five Grappling Compete, & place, at one of Five tournaments to qualify for the Championship. They have qualifiers in various locations across the US. Weigh-ins are without the Gi. Rules are available online, and are very detailed. Registration cut-off. If you’re injured prior to tournament day, FIVE offers a credit toward a future tournament! FIVE GI.NOGI GRAPPLING’s RULES are generally consistent with the IBJJF except ADVANTAGE points are not used in FIVE events and points are awarded for controlling top position after Double Guard Pull. $$-$$$$
*Grappling Industries offers a round robin format for both gi and nogi. Rules are available online and are very specific and detailed. Grappling Industries’ rules are consistent with IBJJF except where otherwise noted. Weigh-ins are without the gi. Pay attention, as they offer major prizes, at some of their tournaments, such as a trip to Worlds. Still up and coming, they have a lot to offer. $$

I like to plan ahead, and start planning out my first half of the year come January 1. This keeps me locked in and focused on what I have to do. I’m also not very good at last-minute trips or decisions; that kind of stress isn’t conducive to a happy competitive me! If you’re not sure where to look, you can visit the webpages I provided or visit http://www.jiujitsucalendar.com/ or HPBJJ is a great app you can download for your phone! Happy hunting

$ <$70
$$ $70-100
$$$ $100-140
$$$$ $140+

keep in mind this could include registering for several divisions


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