Jiu-Jitsu Wedding Photo And Video Compilation


Jiu-jitsu themed weddings are a popular choice among couples who share a love of the martial art, and want to incorporate the BJJ lifestyle into their big day.

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On jiujitsutimes , many people have posted photos from their weddings for all to see. Typically, the groom and attendees wear Gis, and some people have even got married inside a BJJ school. This is the type of idea that could catch on, particularly if the photos draw a lot of positive comments from others.

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Lots of jiu-jitsu students devote a considerable chunk of their lives to the practice of their art, so it is only natural that they would choose to get married in this way. If you can have an Elvis or Star Wars themed wedding – then no one should have a problem with those who tie the knot in their jiu-jitsu attire. Perhaps athletes from other disciplines will follow suit someday…….

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