Jiu-Jitsu: Before You Sign on the Dotted Line: Top10

So guys, I’m always waxing poetic about jiu-jitsu. It’s pretty clear that I adore the art, and while I’d love to tell everyone YES! YES YOU SHOULD! I realized that it takes a certain mindset to even get started. Walking through the doors is hard enough, and I commend those of you that have done so, and managed to continue journey. I’m writing this “Jiu-jitsu top 10 reasons NOT to begin” for those who are confused as to what it’s all about. So here’s a little clarification as to why you shouldn’t sign on that dotted line:

1. You’re looking to meet mr or mrs right… You will meet new people; you will make new connections and forge new bonds. If you think that “the one” is hiding somewhere in a jiu-jitsu school and this is your primary reason for joining. FAIL.
2. You think it would be “hot” to roll around with guys/girls especially if they appeal to you. There is nothing even romantically or physically enticing about being soaked in sweat, while trying to utilize your Jiu-jitsu skills AND physically & mentally taxing yourself … Oh someone’s sweat just dropped in your eye? Yeah. Not hot lol!
3. You want to be in the UFC/ MMA/or underground fights. I don’t even have anything to say about this. Just, duh.
4. You heard of Cyborg, Gracies, Keenan & think they are “cool.” You’ve heard of them because they’ve dedicated blood sweat and hours to learning their craft. While you were pounding beers watching WWE they were training. Cool isn’t even the correct term, and while having inspiration is awesome, have some respect. You’re not at that level.
5. You’re bored. No comment, other than boredom doesn’t equate dedication. The people training work hard, just make sure you’re not wasting their time and efforts in welcoming you into their world.
6. You heard you can get sponsors and travel/compete/ train for free. Haahahahaha! In a previous article I dispelled this myth- and I must reiterate. If this were true we’d all be on the jiu-jitsu train living the high life.
7. You heard there’s a lot of $$ for people who win. See #6.
8. You want to beat people up, legally. Ok well the art of jiu-jitsu was created with self-defense and protection of the small in mind. Not beating people up. Jiu-jitsu will help you channel your energy, but if you have feelings of indescribable anger or rage, maybe you should seek alternative help.
9. You think telling people you do Brazilian jiu-jitsu gives you cred or makes you look tough.
10. You think you’re stronger, tougher, faster, smarter, more athletic and in better shape than people who “roll around” for a sport. Actually, if you feel this way maybe you should join. And get a slapdash of reality.


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