What Is The Most “Jiu-Jitsu-y” Animal?

What is the most “jiu-jitsu-y” animal?

It may sound like a silly question, but a lot of people have actually spent time thinking about this.

For starters, there are animals that grapple, similarly to how people grapple.  Watch this monkey harassing a cat:

You can’t tell me that the monkey’s movement isn’t jiu jitsu.

Also kangaroos are known to routinely choke other animals.  I’m just saying!

How about bears?  Bears grapple all the damn time, but they might be less jiu-jitsu-y and more wrestle-y.

Grappling is seen all around nature.  Some animals seem to genuinely and inherently understand movement.  Just check out these koalas displaying some high level grappling skills:

Or how about these anteaters:

That looks a lot like a 50/50 heel hook battle to me.

One purple belt, Kendall Gaj from Top Level Martial Arts in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, feels that the animal that best embodies jiu-jitsu isn’t a known grappler at all. He think’s it’s the chameleon. Check his explanation out:

So what do you think is the most jiu-jitsu-y animal?


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