JiuJitsu: What You Want Vs What You Need

I’m back. Really and truly back after a harrowing couple of years. Injuries and health related issues ,which I had refused to acknowledge, knocked me flat on my back… Worse than an unexpected throw after the ref yells “combatche.”

I’m not the only one out there, I’m sure, who feels as though their body has betrayed them; who, after years of training and competing, adopting the lifestyle and focusing on training, nutrition, strength and conditioning, & mental toughness is told … “No more.”

The question is do you listen? Do you listen to these professionals who have spent years of THEIR lives training (for lack of a better term) to become the Black belts of medicine, or do you turn a blind eye to the truth they’re spouting? Truth which makes you hate them & your traitorous body more than anything at that moment. And the answer is this, hopefully!

When presented with unexpected or nerve-wracking news it can be bittersweet. You’re finally given an answer to questions you may have had, but at the same time the answer isn’t always what you want or need to hear. Surround yourself with supportive and understanding friends, family, team members, people of your community who will offer what you need to make it over this hurdle. The wonderful thing about participating in Brazilian jiu Jitsu is the connectedness of the community.

Listen to the professionals just as you trust and listen to your BJJ coaches and community. Use the mental toughness you’ve been cultivating and OPEN your eyes and ears to understand what they’re telling you. Adopt new practices which allow your body to heal, repair, change and rest as it needs in order for you to be as healthy as you can be! Do not lament, this is not the end. It is simply a new beginning.

There are many who may look whole and complete but tirelessly fight mental and physical health issues. Take up arms and battle strong, battle smart & come back to the mats better than ever.


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