Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo Talk Ralek and Metamoris During Fight Companion Podcast

On the August, 23rd addition of the Joe Rogan Fight Companion featuring Eddie Bravo, Tait Fletcher, Bryan Callen, Brendan Schaub, and Aubrey Marcus, the topic of Ralek Gracie and Metamoris arose after Eddie Bravo lost a $1,000 bet on a fight to Brendan Schaub. After losing the bet, Bravo commented that he was not sure how he was going to pay Schaub, resulting in this comment from Rogan

“You can do the Ralek Gracie method and pay him in private lessons,” which shifted the discussion from the UFC fights they were commentating on to Ralek Gracie and Metamoris.

At first Bravo seemed hesitant to go down this path with the comment “Let’s not start shit, its not his fault.” However, before long the topic went down the path of Ralek’s attempts to poach Dillon Danis and Garry Tonon from EBI 3.

“I thought you guys were cool,” said Schaub

“Fuck no.” responded Bravo.

The topic then shifted to Metamoris when Rogan asked why Metamoris stopped using an audience at their events. Schaub, who trains under Ralek’s brothers, Ryron and Rener, responded “cheeaper, he does it in Blackhouse, no overhead now.”

Bravo then said “Terrible. Its like doing stand up with no audience. If you have no audience, the show sucks. But he is doing that purposely. I want Metamoris to succeed. I competed in Metamoris. It a good ting to have all these shows. I believe he is making bad decisions. I love that there is a show out there with super shows. Its good for jiu jitsu.

The topic then goes back to Bravo’s belief that Ralek tried to ruin EBI 3 by taking two of his top competitors out from under him.

Bravo commented. “Dillon Danis comes to me and says I want to come into EBI and face Garry Tonon I think I can beat him.”

After watching Danis in action and watching video of Danis, Bravo tells him he is in.

“Ralek comes in and offers Danis and Garry exclusive contracts. He almost got both. He got Dillon but not Garry,” said Bravo. “Ralek distracts everybody (with) UFC does exclusive contracts, You went after my top two guys and tried to ruin my show. I thought we were cool. I thought we were working together.”

Eddie closes by stating “Next EBI show is December 13th. This one is a special one.I still piecing it together. I am trying to make jiu jitsu entertaining for the masses.”


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