Joe Rogan vs Eddie Bravo: Heated Argument over Flat Earth Theory

If there is one form of pseudo-science that Brazilian jiu-jitsu has unwillingly had its good name tossed in with, it is Flat Earth theory.

Flat Earthers believe that – contrary to thousands of years worth of human understanding and evidence – the Earth is actually flat. The land we walk on is covered by a dome and an ice wall, which many people “mistakenly” believe is Antarctica, stops the water from falling off of the edge.

Recently, Kron Gracie – son of the legendary Rickson Gracie – came out as a Flat Earther and earned himself quite a bit of attention and ridicule both from within and outside the BJJ community.

In this video, BJJ black belt and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan gets into an argument with one of his instructors, 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo, over the Earth’s curvature.

Let the Flat Earth wars continue!


  1. Making a Gracie tap out makes you some kind of genius apparently so lets get Wallid Ismail working on cold fusion right away.


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