Joe Rogan’s Take On People Saying Conor McGregor Running Away

Conor McGregor’s recent MD win over Nate Diaz, in the UFC 202 main event, has been hailed by many as impressive. McGregor seemed to run out of steam in the third round, however he managed to regroup and make it through to the final bell.

Notwithstanding, some MMA fans have criticized the featherweight champion for not engaging with Diaz while he was gassed. Photographs have been posted online, showing Diaz laughing at McGregor when he was ‘running away’ from him.

During his well known podcast, UFC pundit Joe Rogan recently expressed his support for McGregor. Rogan believes that McGregor just fought a smart fight against Diaz from the outside, using his speed and movement, and paced himself better than he did in their first encounter.


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