John Danaher: Garry Tonon To Make MMA Debut In Late March In Bangkok

John Danaher has just announced that his student, Garry Tonon, will be making his MMA debut in late March.

Danaher told Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience that it would be March 26. However, the event, called “Iron Will,” will actually be going down on March 24 in Bangkok. It will be hosted by the Asian MMA organization ONE Championship.

No news on whether or not Garry will be in the main event, but considering he will be one of the few fighters on the card familiar to Western audiences (and maybe even Eastern audiences) it would make sense to have him headline the event. ONE, however, might prefer to have a hometown hero in the main event.

Garry Tonon is a multiple-division EBI Champion and one of the most famous faces in competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu.  Like all members of the Danaher Death Squad, Tonon is known for his versatility and the seeming ease with which he dominates opponents in some of the highest-level grappling competitions.

He made his debut for ONE last year at a special grappling match against Shinya Aoki, one of the promotion’s best grapplers.

No news yet on who Tonon’s opponent will be.


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