Jordan Burroughs Suffers his 2nd Career Loss at Worlds

Cover photo from NBC

In a heart-breaking performance, Jordan Burroughs lost his semi-finals match to Russia’s Denis Tsargush, a former two-time world champion. Burroughs suffered a knee injury, but continued to wrestle anyways. His left leg was wrapped “heavily” for his match. The final score was 9-2.

Burroughs was awarded the two points due to Tsargush repeatedly clubbing him over the head with his forearms. In wrestling, this usually used to set up a shot, or to snap an opponent to the mat. However, Tsargush generated no offense from the clubbings and was penalized for it.

His knee injury occurred in the first round against Augusto Midana of Guinea Bisau, whom he defeated by only one point.

Burroughs international career now sits at 91-2. Despite his injury and his loss, Burrough plans to compete for a third place position tonight.

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