Josh Barnett Won And Lost A Pro Wrestling Title In The Same Night

UFC heavyweight Josh Barnett just had one of the shortest title reigns in history.

And no, it wasn’t in the UFC.

The former catch wrestler and grappler took the gold in the professional wrestling promotion Impact Wrestling (TNA).

On January 13, Josh Barnett made his debut in TNA. The UFC heavyweight took on a wrestler named “Bad Bones” and won via Kimura – a favorite submission of another wrestler and mixed martial artist, Brock Lesnar.

Later that night, Barnett took on yet another professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, Bobby Lashley. The former UFC champion originally won the title, but the referees argued about the finish and decided to restart the match.

Unfortunately, this did not work out in Barnett’s favor, as he lost the match and his title.

Fortunately, Josh Barnett has no shortage of gold in his combat sports career. He is a former UFC heavyweight champion and Pancrase openweight champion. He is also an accomplished grappler and second-degree black belt under the legendary Rigan Machado. Barnett is an IBJJF gold medalist and Metamoris heavyweight champion.

He is also bears a striking resemblance to the late actor, Patrick Swayze.

There is no news on what Josh Barnett, or his character, will be up to next.




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