Judo Guy Put Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner To Sleep


  1. His name is Marcelo Lopes trains out of new zealand…. you could ask him yourself if hes a legit bjj blackbelt…. the video shows the end of the match….people get caught…that was tight and on really quick….easy to criticise the fighter when not facing the same situation…judoka had a good dominant position lots of pressure…didnt see much time to throw up an armbar or have good hip movement when it looks like he set up the choke off screen and finished it when back in focus

  2. Leon Corbett the proof is in the pudding my friend.. He layed on his back and let the toher guy just sink in the choke. He then flopped arond .. didnt try to do any kind of arm defense and not feet on the other guys hips. Choked from inside your guard? . Oh yeah! definitie BB technique you go me there. Do you even train bro? Marcelo lopes? it hought it was 2 old white guys maybe masters 5 or 6


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