The Most Annoying Types Of Partners In Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian jiu-jitsu has its unique challenges, especially when it comes to sparring partners. No one is perfect, true, but some partners may leave something to be desired. If you have been practicing jiu-jitsu for some time, you might have come across one or a few of these guys. Here are the most annoying types of partners in BJJ that you should get to know:

The Dirty One
This is one of the most annoying partners you’ll meet as a beginner practitioner. Guys like the Dirty One have some serious hygiene issues going on. They walk and fight on the mat with dirty feet, don’t bother to clip their nails and often forget to throw their gis into the washing machine for a spin. They could carry some nasty stuff under their long fingernails and cause an infection if they cut you.

The Smelly One
The Smelly One and the Dirty One usually share many characteristics but the Smelly One is unique in that he is defined by his utter inability or reluctance to wash his gi. You will know this guy once you smell his signature scent – that pungent sourness of new sweat mixed with week-old sweat that has dried and settled on the fabric, rising like some scary invisible mist with one sole purpose: to invade your nose. These guys smell so bad that sometimes they make you wonder if the smell is just part of their fighting technique, which, if you think about it, can be a powerful albeit illegal weapon.

The Complainer
The Complainer looks tough and capable but keeps a detailed mental list of all the aches, pains, bruises, cuts and scratches he has ever received during the course of his training. Then he will tell you – in detail – every little thing that ever happened to his body, regardless of the severity. It does not matter if the scar was just a minor scratch made by an erring fingernail – you need to know it and he will use it to his advantage during a match. You’ll know this guy once you grapple with him. Once you get into an advantageous position, he will attempt to avoid any more attacks from you by complaining about an ache or pain or an old injury. As a result, you have no choice but to start again. If you want to make full use of your precious time, avoid this type as much as you can.

The Spazzer
You can spot this one quite easily. It’s the overly enthusiastic guy with so much energy to burn that he’s spastic. The Spazzer rarely holds back and does everything with all his might that he completely forgets it’s just a class, not a situation in a dark alley where he has to defend his life for real. The Spazzer can get you hurt unnecessarily and the pain is not even worth it. Don’t be afraid to tell this guy to put it down a notch.

The Crap Talker
This guy shows his true character by being disrespectful to the other guy. His ego is so big he has to put down every guy he beats by talking behind that guy’s back. He will make it appear like he put little effort in gaining the upper hand. When he does get defeated, however, he will brush it off, find an alibi and simply belittle what the other guy did. Humility is not in this guy’s list of personal characteristics.


  1. Usually if someone is telling you about their injuries it's considered being forthcoming so you avoid injuring them further. Seems more practical than something to avoid.

  2. Unless it's the guy that tells you all about their injuries and to please not hurt them, then jumps on you like a rabid wolverine as soon as it's time to start rolling.

  3. "Goes 100% while claiming he is going light" guy. Also "attacks the body part you mentioned you just had surgery on" guy. "the sweaty guy that never shaves his chest hair or wear a rashguard under his gi" guy. "The staller even though it is a friendly roll" guy.

  4. I wouldn't be writing this if I doctor didnt tell me to rest from training but u right man..he is a complainer I understand his concept about spazzing to an extent but ive had higher rank purple brown complain im spazzing, but top level black belts, alot of high level televised fighters & high rank bjj practitioners & bjj world champion saying I'm a beast f what there saying there pussies..I'm not trying to be cocky I have alot to learn & stay humble keeping a white belt mentality but I'm just a flyweight who moves naturally fast where dbags consider me spazzing but im wrestling & move unorthodox with my movement to not fall into there conventional plan A planB plan C etc. it's wrong to make me move slow when its not flow rolling unless the guys injured or we both agree cause he's tired. this black belt told me it's bad for muscle memory to go slow live when higher ranks r doing everything they can to submit me & have to go easy on a brown belt etc who obviously knows more than me theres a culture gap in some traditional bjj schools but to almost bully me to doing what they say who r higher weight classes & rank some downing me when they'd tap me during my time losing weight to get bk to flyweight (high school weight) & being given the cold shoulder & give me hate having rookie mentality waiting to see me get tapt by bigger guys who r higher ranked. I never got tapt cause i disengaged from curtain attacks before I left to new school. The ego was unbelievable from a few there, was absolutely wrong ish wrong that needs to stop!!

  5. Nick Ledvora Because you don't have to see life as "Win or lose"
    Everything is a learning opportunity, and if you learn something, you've won anyway.

    It just seems like you need your ego filling, you want them grovellingat your feet, crying about your superior power and skill :S

  6. Those are some of the more common issues we face in the dojo, but don't forget the "egocentrics" who's egos ooze out of their gi's, but it's like all sports where there are going to be issues. Just shut up and train!

  7. Don't forget about the Master White Belt. Because nothing works better than a white belt who acts like he was trained by Pai Mei

  8. Sometimes rolling hard is just part of it, going hard is not "spazzing." I consider "spazzer" as those who use forearms, elbows, throwing head butts, pushing on the throat, etc,,, Not necessarily trying to hurt the partner, but just totally unaware of the possible injuries they can cause.

  9. The spazer just sounds like he goes hard figure out how to deal with him so when you are in a dark alley you are ready for it. Youll thank the spazzer later


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