Kaynan Duarte Moves Up Two Weight Classes To Meet With Gordon Ryan At No-Gi Pans

Image Source: Kaynan Duarte/ Gordon Ryan via Instagram

Atos black belt Kaynan Duarte just made a big move in order to have the chance to face Gordon Ryan at No-Gi Pans this year.

After it was announced that Ryan would be competing at the 2018 IBJJF Pans Championship, Duarte revealed that he, too, would be entering the tournament. But instead of competing in the heavyweight division as he normally does, Duarte decided to join Ryan in the ultra-heavyweight division, which has no weight limit.

Ryan dedicated part of his Instagram story to wishing Duarte luck earlier today, which prompted Duarte to use his own Instagram story to thank Ryan.

Ryan then extended his appreciation for Duarte’s dedication, though expressed doubts that the Atos competitor would stand a chance against him.

Who would you bet on winning a match between these two impressive black belts?



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