Kazushi Sakuraba Receives UFC Hall Of Fame Jacket From Dana White

Kazushi Sakuraba has been bestowed with the official UFC Hall of Fame jacket, providing physical recognition of the honor that he earned in 2017. The moment took place during the UFC 245 media day yesterday.

Sakuraba is in the “Pioneer Wing” of the Hall of Fame for achievements that include racking up the most submission victories in Pride FC history and winning the UFC Japan Heavyweight Tournament. He was also famously the first person to defeat Royce Gracie in a history-making 90-minute bout. In addition to his win over Royce, Sakuraba also holds victories over Royler, Renzo, and Ryan Gracie, earning him the nickname, “The Gracie Hunter.”

ESPN shared a video of the special moment:

Sakuraba’s most recent endeavor has been the creation of the submission grappling promotion Quintet. Indeed, Quinet Ultra — which the UFC was heavily involved in — took place just yesterday, with Team UFC taking home the big win.


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