Keenan Cornelius Says That His New Gym Will Buy & Donate Gis That Members Have Been “Pushed To Buy” By Old Academies

Photo by: Kitt Canaria

Keenan Cornelius has been causing a stir over the news of him opening his own academy, Legion Jiu-Jitsu, after leaving Atos and traveling around to train as a BJJ nomad. Now, less than a month away from officially opening Legion, he’s released another bit of information about his academy’s policies that will set it apart from overtly traditional jiu-jitsu gyms.

In an Instagram post, Cornelius revealed that members won’t be forced to wear Legion merchandise, and visitors won’t have to rent Legion gear or be “harassed” for coming in wearing gear that advertises a different gym. These policies aren’t necessarily unique, but they do differ from multiple academies that are part of larger affiliations.

What does stick out about Cornelius’ policy, though, is that he’s giving new students the opportunity to sell Legion one piece of their old gear that they’ve been “pushed to buy” at other academies. The gear will then be donated to a student who can’t afford to purchase their own training gear, with Legion working with jiu-jitsu-based charities and projects in Brazil.

Watch Cornelius’ statement on the policy below:


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