Break Their Ankle the Garry Tonon and Blue Basement Way

Fifty percent of the human body may be waiting for your lower leg attacks, but a large percentage of practitioners struggle to effectively execute ankle locks. Fortunately we have the national grappling treasure that is Garry Tonon to help us correct our myriad mistakes and get that tap or snap.

Tonon, using ADCC monster Gordon Ryan as his uke like one does, immediately points out that most aspiring submission hunters are starting way too high on the leg. If you’re under the shin, you’re out of range, so slide down until the forearm/wrist is directly under the achilles tendon. To get the leverage necessary, grapplers also need to slide their shoulders down lower once the’ve gone fulcrum to fulcrum, covering the opponent’s toes with the shoulder. Another note is to stop falling backwards to apply pressure, and instead fall fully to the side so that the “breaking” motion can be followed aaaaaall the way back over your own grounded shoulder.

Its easier if you just watch the video:


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