Watch This White Belt Get A Huge Surprise While Rolling With His Professor

Getting your blue belt is an experience that no jiu-jitsu practitioner ever forgets. It’s the moment you suddenly stop being “the new kid” and start feeling like a legitimate jiujiteiro. The majority of us received our blue belts in either a group promotion ceremony or in a more individualized celebration, but one student at Kenny Kim BJJ in Marietta, Georgia got to climb the ranks in a very special way.

It starts off as a normal roll between professor and student. But before long, professor Kenny Kim starts messing with his student’s belt a little more than necessary. When he whips out a brand new blue belt from within his gi, it’s obvious to everyone watching what’s going to happen next… except, of course, the unsuspecting student, who’s still busy getting casually demolished.

The look on the new blue belt’s face when he realizes what just happened is priceless. Take a look at this unique promotion for yourself, and let us know what you think! Personally, I’d love to see even more professors taking this fun approach to welcoming their students to the next level of jiu-jitsu.


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