4 Headlock Escapes You Need To Know

If you ever watch YouTube street fight videos you will often see the common headlock. BJJ has many effective escapes for this position, and especially early in your training, you should learn to escape from a strong opponent who is determined to squeeze your head tight.

Here are four escapes you will need to know.

Framing the Arms Then Hooking the Head with Your Legs

This is the first headlock escape you should master.

Professor Roy Dean also goes through other effective escapes from the ground when your opponent thwarts your initial escape.

Rolling Headlock Defense From Standing

Starting from standing, this escape uses the momentum of your opponent trying to put you down on the ground to roll him over.

Sacrifice Takedown Defense From Standing

Depending on the size of your opponent (this technique is great for smaller people) and where they are applying force, it may be easier to take them to the ground to the rear.

Bridge and Roll Escape Against the “Technical” Headlock or Scarf Hold

When your opponent controls your arm, it is much more difficult to do this escape. You need to correctly time your bridge and roll to use the least amount of muscle power.

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