Kevin Casey Out Of Metamoris 5, Ralek Offers $10,000 On Who Can Beat Vinny Magalhaes

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$10,000 on who ever beats  Vinny Magalhaes
Now who would take the spot?
Ralek Gracie
Normally, we would just replace Kevin with another person and make the announcement. But what we wanna do is invite the entire community of martial arts to engage,” Gracie said. “We’re basically created an open opportunity for any athlete to come in.
“You basically have to have a black belt in jiu-jitsu. If you don’t have a black belt in jiu-jitsu, but you’re like a really solid judo guy, or sambo, or something like that, and you have a black belt in that art, that works. But we’re open to anybody.
“If you can beat Vinny Magalhaes, we’re putting $10,000 on the line.”
If you lose or draw, you won’t get paid the $10,000.
If you’re interested in facing Magalhaes in a 20-minute grappling match at Metamoris 5, you can email with your information (age, weight, where you train), photo and why they should pick you to compete.
“Vinny is willing to fight anybody at any weight,” Gracie said. “It’s pretty exciting. I’d like it to be somebody out of nowhere, that underdog story. That’s what I’m looking for


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