The Kid Who Choke Katt Williams Was A Wrestler

Katt Williams made headlines recently when images and video footage of him being tossed around like a ragged doll by a 17-year old boy started making its way around social media. Suddenly, the comedian known for roasting others on social media and in his comedy set became the roasted. Many asked the question: how could a grown man be a) fighting a young boy, and b) get beaten by that kid. Well, we at least have the answer to b.


It turns out that the boy with whom Williams was in a row is Luke Walsh, a high school wrestler at Gainesville High. Pictures of Luke Walsh wrestling on the high school mat, holding other wrestlers in a chokehold similar to the one he caught Williams in began to surface and it all began to make sense. On another note, the police are investigating the incident between Walsh and Williams, and Williams who is currently out on bail for an unrelated incident, could find himself in a position where that bail is revoked.


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