What Are The Benefits Of Jiu-Jitsu To Your Kids?

It has been said that Jiu Jitsu is great for anybody at any age. However, I think we can all agree that starting young is ideal. I often find myself wondering where I would be if I had started BJJ at 5 or even 10. Many of us are not fortunate enough to start early, but we can ensure our own children do. Here are the top benefits kids can gain from training BJJ.

  • Confidence– Jiu Jitsu shows kids that they do have what it takes to stand up for themselves against bullies, and to do what’s right. So many kids are victims of bullies and Jiu Jitsu is a great way to stop this and also radiate confidence in all aspects of life.
  • Focus– Jiu Jitsu gives kids something real to focus on and enjoy in a world that has been dominated by video games and television. Many kids these days don’t want to participate in normal school sports and Jiu Jitsu is great year round activity
  • Health – Related to the above topic, Jiu Jitsu is great exercise and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Obesity is at its highest point and it’s important that we keep the next generation healthy.
  • Common Interest – Bonding with your kids sometimes becomes hard as they grow up, but if you start them young and train with them, then you will always have something to talk about and do together.
  • Life Skill – Jiu-Jitsu gives them a real skill that can in fact do great things. They could be the next young prodigy and kill the competition scene, but they will always have the option of starting their own academy down the road and living the martial arts life style.


These are only a few of the many benefits kids can gain from training BJJ. I know when I have kids that they will definitely be in the academyJ


  1. Kids training on daily basis will become violent? Will them want to try what they learn against their friends? Try to impose their will by force? When I was young there were many jiujtsu bad Boys, pitboys.

  2. I had never considered that one of the benefits of doing Jiu Jitsu is that it helps children gain confidence. Thinking back to my childhood, I realize that having confidence in myself was really important. I remember worrying about how others thought of me. My nephew is turning 4 this year. I’ll have to talk to my sister about considering putting him in one of these classes.

  3. My wife and I are always looking for activities that will benefit our children. They could use some more physical activity right now. I didn’t realize Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can help children get great exercise while gaining confidence they can do difficult things. I’ll be sure to share this information with my wife.

  4. It was really nice how you pointed out that jiu-jitsu is a good way to prevent diabetes since it is a good exercise that promotes a healthy lifestyle. If that is the case, then I will see to it that my sister hears about this since obesity is something that she is terribly afraid of. By giving this a try, I am sure she will be able to retain her slim body. Thank you for sharing.


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