Killer Post-BJJ Conditioning Exercise with Tom DeBlass

Photo courtesy of Tom DeBlass

Tom DeBlass recently shared a short video of an all-over body exercise that he’s added to his post-BJJ training routine.  He has shared with Jiu Jitsu Times an exclusive variation of the video and some thoughts on it’s use.  Often asked how he developed what many have seen as an endless gas tank on the Jiu Jitsu mats, Tom would credit simple exercises like this that work the entire body with minimal equipment.

Key Points:

The Core Exercise–Begin by focusing on the primary exercise, which is the squat down to one’s back and back up to the feet.  When just starting out with this exercise, pay close attention to form and make sure that you are coming up to both feet at the same time.  Keep your feet shoulder width apart to help the transition back to your feet.

Sets/RepsThough not written in stone, Tom recommends 3 sets of 10 repetitions after every training session.  Note the video was filmed after Tom had completed six 8-minute BJJ matches with different partners and was one series out of 5-6 he did that day.

Variations–Once you’ve got the core exercise down and are able to complete the three sets of 10 reps, you can begin adding the additional exercises such as the chest presses and abdominal exercises to increase the overall intensity.

When Training’s Over/Training’s Not Over–Professor DeBlass is a firm believer in the need to make oneself uncomfortable to build both physical and mental strength and endurance.  By adding exercises like this after class, you will quickly set yourself apart from those that do not and have just that much more in your gas tank for those tough rounds.

Look for more techniques, exercises, and motivational thoughts on Professor DeBlass’ Facebook page.



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