The Kimura – 5 Standing Attack Videos

Most of us are familiar with the Kimura shoulder lock when we attack it from guard or side control.

* The “Kimura” lock earned its name in Brazil who named it after the Japanese judo icon Masahiko Kimura who won a victory over the smaller Helio Gracie in a historic latch in Brazil.

In professional MMA we have seen some historic Kimura submissions attacked from the standing position!

Some hi light worthy finishes most notably by Japanese legend Kazushi Sakuraba and judoka turned MMA fighter Karo Parisyan are shown in this video feature.

1) “Sakuraba” style standing Kiumra Lock
Stephan Kesting at Grapplearts shows how to do a standing Kimura lock similar to the technique Japanese “Gracie Hunter” Kazushi Sakuraba used to counter a rear standing clinch.

2) Nick Diaz shows how he likes to catch this same move with some fine details on how to break the opponent’s grip and get your own grip.

3) Sakuraba vs Renzo Gracie Pride Kimura Finish
In one of the most famous submissions of all time in MMA, Kazushi Sakuraba dislocates the elbow of the legendary Renzo Gracie.
Renzo didn’t tap and recovered fully, but it was a definitive finish to the fight!

4) The “Karo” Kimura Sacrifice Throw
Karo Parisyan is one of the most successful judoka who translated his Judo for Mixed Martial Arts.
He memorably nailed this standing Kimura sacrifice throw in professional fights.

5) Karo Parisyan submits Dave Strasser in UFC fight with spectacular sacrifice kimura throw.

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