Ryan Walsh is living proof that champions are built rather than born

After spending his first year as a purple belt losing one match after another until he had compiled a perfect O-fer, Ryan broke his unenviable streak in the biggest way possible.

Considering the long streak he had compiled, few people ever expected to hear the words: Ryan Walsh wins 2016 Pan. Yet that it where the situation stands today. His year of competitive disappointments proved that it is the heart that wins in the end. Others may have given up after such a long record of futility, but his coaches could see that the day would come when he would finally break through.

Being Pan American Champion serves both as a reminder to persevere through adversity as well as establishing a new standard of excellence which Ryan now will uphold. Practice makes perfect and, in the case of Ryan Walsh, so too does an indomitable heart.

Caio Terra Posted On facebook:

“2016 Pan Champion Ryan Walsh @rwalsh831
If you don’t do it for the love why do it? People always ask me what to do because they keep on losing every tournament. When I promoted Ryan to Purple Belt he lost so many tournaments. In fact he didn’t win a match for over a year, competing almost every weekend. That never stopped Ryan from trying again. That never made him quit. Ryan was just happy that the next day he could train again. Now he’s the current Pan American Champion, yet nothing changed, he’s still happier for the fact that today he will be on the mats. Perspective is everything. If you want to be happy, be happy.”


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