Knee Slice Guard Pass – A Mini Tutorial

Okay, wait..what is this pass called again? Knee-cut pass or knee-slice pass?!?

Whatever way you “slice” it (see what I did there?), the knee-through-the-middle pass is one of the most powerful passes from white belt all the way up to the Black Belt World Championships

I have compiled a list of my favorite knee-slice pass videos. Each of the videos shares certain principles, but each offers slight variations and different details.

Defeating De La Riva Guard with the Knee Cut Pass
Nic Gregoriades of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood demonstrates how to use a powerful knee cut/knee slice to deal with the De La Riva Guard.

Rafael Mendes Jiu Jitsu – Knee Slice Pass
One of the greatest jiu-jitsu minds on the planet shows how he does the knee slice.
Awesome video!

Power Knee Slice using Palm Down Grip with Xande Ribeiro
Xande gives small details and simplifies the larger concepts behind this pass

Romulo Barral Cross Choke from the knee slice position when passing half guard
Romulo uses the knee-slice pass in combination with a HEAVY knee-ride / knee-on-belly position.

Knee Slide Attacks – Firas Zahabi of Tristar Gym
Gi or no-gi, this pass is SUPER important. Note the gripping differences in the no-gi version.

Check out these other great videos on Jiu-jitsu Times : The Bullfighter / Toreando Guard Pass – 4 Videos


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