The Last Technique That You Master In BJJ

It has been said that the first technique you learn in jiu-jitsu is the cross choke from the mount.

Interestingly enough, it is the last technique you will master!

But how can this be?

The cross choke from the mount is considered to be a basic technique and one you will see in a fundamentals class.

But that doesn’t mean it is easy to finish, especially against a purple or brown belt who knows what you are doing and also knows the counter.

How many times have you attempted this choke and been reversed when your opponent bumps you over? The opponent blocks your grips and you abandon the choke and start looking for the arm instead.

To master this difficult technique, you have to first control the position.

Perhaps the BJJ competitor most famous for his cross collar choke from mount is Roger Gracie. Roger choked many black belts at the Worlds level with this seemingly basic technique.

Check out how Roger gets the most difficult part of the technique: the second hand grip in the collar without getting rolled.

Follow the advice of these elite jiu-jitsu practitioners and you will be on your way to mastering the cross choke!

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