Three Kimono Companies That People Go Nuts For !

Life and Death Bamboo/Cotton Kimono by Redline GJJ

Today we have so many options for kimono companies that it’s almost insane. You can get a kimono in almost any color with any theme you want.

One company “Endo Athletics” specializes in these themes and releases several a month. However, while there are many companies, a few truly stand out and take a massive amount of sales.

I want to build a short list of what I believe to be the most popular and sought after kimono companies in the world today. This list is built more for the newer students, as most veterans will most likely see this coming.

So, here are the top kimono companies currently in business.

3.) Origin– This is one of the only companies who makes kimonos in the USA. Based out of Maine, this company has done some amazing things. They have their own school and run camps every year. They also developed a clip type pant design that received mixed reviews, but was an awesome concept. Furthermore, they create lots of BJJ-specific workout gear and are always on the cutting edge.  This company has truly built itself on the premise of supporting American production and it’s always nice to know that when you buy a kimono from Origin, it’s not just a blank cloth with different patches.

2.) CTRL Industries– I love this company. Based in Arizona , CTRL has created a ton of outstanding designs and products that have gained massive amounts of popularity over the last five or so years.  As with many companies, CTRL does a great job doing themed kimonos. Their most famous line is still their Chess kimonos. They have made a variety of kimonos themed after the different chess pieces. However, if you were hoping to pick one up, you will most likely have to search Facebook groups and eBay, as they don’t reproduce kimonos and they sell out fast ! CTRL is one of only two companies that have been able to sell out in minutes and have a secondary group site (Origin has groups too, though) dedicated to their products. It truly is no wonder why they became so popular.

1.) Shoyoroll – Surprised? Probably not. “Be First, No Less” is one of the most well-known slogans in the BJJ community and for good reason. Shoyoroll is known for offering more sizes than other companies, which leads to a better fit and feel. They also have done many themed kimonos, but they specialize in collaborations with other companies. On top of all of that, they also make some of their kimonos in California! People go nuts for these kimonos! This has created a crazy secondary market and many Facebook groups. The down side is that some people buy them just for re-sale and fetch more than $500 for a kimono. Another side aspect is that some people have even gone as far as to create fakes. All things considered, Shoyoroll is definitely a brand every jiu-jitsu practitioner should at least try once. Be careful though, you will get addicted.

What do you think of these three companies? Which one is your favorite and why?



  1. I’ve got an Origin Axiom and love it. The Swiveloc pant clip is great, I don’t even notice it, and the velcro front close is nice as well. But it’s Origin’s weaves, and attention to detail with their stitching, that really sets them apart. If you get an Origin kimono, you know you’re getting a gi that is built to take a beating and keep on coming. And the customer service from Pete and the team is second-to-none. You definitely pay for what you’re getting, but what you’re getting is USA hand-made, the highest quality, with the highest quality customer service. I can’t speak to Shoyoroll and CTRL, I don’t own products by either (though Shoyoroll certainly has some great style to their designs) but can vouch for the awesomeness of Origin and the folks at Origin.

  2. I have owned each of these gi’s. And with CNTRL and SYR, they were fun gi’s and everyone recognizes them. That being said, they really seem like cookie cutter gi’s when you figure out they are all made in pretty much the same factories in 3rd world working conditions.
    In come Origin. Not only are they of supreme quality, you can sleep well at night knowing the people who made your gi are not working in indentured servant conditions as they are made entirely in America. The weaves are untouchable and in a class far above all competitor brands. You don’t have to worry about 10 second sell outs and being forced to search Ebay for your favorite style at 100% markups.
    And the customer care. Rarely in ANY business have I ever experienced better. They have been overly patient with me when I call with questions. They were friendly and top notch.
    I’d like to address the mixed reviews on the belt system, while I am here. They are hands down the best gi pants on the market bar none. In 3 years I have never had them come undone while rolling. They have never even come close to be a problem in any manner whatsoever. In fact I still own a couple “non-Origin” gi’s that I save for emergency back ups when I don’t have a clean Origin. When I wear those I usually accompany them with Origin pants. And none of that even addresses the fact that when you buy the Origin gi, the pants are sized to fit like regular pants. I wear a size 34-28. So I buy a size up as Origin recommends. They fit like a glove. Literally better fitting than any other gi pants I have ever worn.


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