Last Woman To Beat Holly Holm Picks Ronda Rousey To Win At UFC 193 Via Armbar

Chances are good that you don’t know Anne Sophie Mathis, and we won’t blame you for that. However, she’s the last person that handed Holly Holm a defeat in the boxing ring. Mathis did lose a rematch to Holm, but her upset victory was a brutal one. She knocked out Holm in that match years ago without a second thought.

The last woman to beat Holly Holm picks Ronda Rousey to win at UFC 193, and there’s no surprise about that. Mathis mentions that a second round armbar will be Holm’s undoing. At this point, most people would agree with Mathis.

Mathis told

“I watched her do MMA on the internet via YouTube and on social media,” Mathis of Holm’s success in mixed martial arts. “When I met her in 2012, she was debuting in MMA. She was starting her MMA career. She was coming to the end of her professional boxing career in Albuquerque where she was a star that had to evolve towards a discipline like MMA which is highly publicized.”

“On November 14, Ronda Rousey will win via armbar in the second round,”


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