Leg Americana Finish Painfully Ends One Pride Pro MMA Match

Well, that’s one variation.

Indonesia’s Pride Pro Never Quit, the MMA promotion, showcases some of the country’s best fighters bloodying each other for glory. In a match this week between reigning Flyweight champion Suwardi and challenger Erpin Syah grappling took the spotlight as Suwardi finished the fight with an uncommon submission.

The fight begins with some solid standup exchanges, but for the big finish skip to about 14:30 and watch from there. Fighting off his side in the bottom position Suwardi sneaks his foot inside the arm of Erpin, traps the wrist, crosses his ankles, and uses his legs to pull the shoulder apart for the W. (Ohhh, THAT’S the submission where crossing your ankles is fine.)

Check it out:


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