Legendary Surfer Kelly Slater Has Earned His Blue Belt

Sometimes, it does not pay to express opinions on another person’s achievements (or lack of achievement) without accurate information. This is what Joel Tudor found out after he made some remarks about Kelly Slater who apparently earned a blue belt in AOJ Academy recently.

Kelly Slater, the legendary surfer, appeared in a photo wearing a gi and a blue belt. Joel Tudor, who has a black belt in jiu-jitsu, remarked that Slater had no business wearing a blue belt when he had not earned one. Unfortunately, Joel Tudor spoke too soon. As it turned out, Kelly Slater had every right to wear the blue belt because he had just earned one.

Congratulations are definitely in order for Kelly Slater. As for Joel Tudor. The whole thing was a just a misunderstanding and there was no malice intended. Now, it is official, Kelly Slater is blue belt holder so he has every right to wear the belt.


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