Life Changing Benefits Of BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is one of the most pre-eminent martial arts and a combat systems. It focuses on grappling and fighting. The art enables a comparatively feeble person to defend himself against a stronger opponent by using jiu-jitsu and judo techniques. BJJ submissions involve making a person hit the ground first and then defeating the combatant by implementing joint locks and choke holds. A choke hold interrupts the blood supply to the brain and renders it insensible, while a joint-lock isolates the opponent’s limb.
Here is why you should learn the basic BJJ techniques and how are they going to help you live better.

Physical Benefits

  • Toughness: While practicing jiu-jitsu, you may fight someone of your own stature, so get prepared to be thrown on the ground on and off. Also, because the nature of the sport is rough, it expects you to trip your combatant onto the ground, and lock and choke him until he bites the dust and finally taps out. In this process, your body begins to toughen up and the pain endurance increases noticeably.
  • Falling Skills: BJJ learners toss and trip each other several times during their practice sets. For initial jiu-jitsu training sessions, it is important for beginners to pass through training without injuries; therefore, trainees learn how to hit the ground without hurting themselves. On being attacked, most likely you too will be thrashed on the ground once or twice. However, this art of skilled falling eventually helps you battle attacks in the gym and streets
  • Self-Defense: One of the most important benefits that pull people to martial arts is self-defense. Long-term and skilled BJJ practitioners can effectively defend themselves and the people around them. Wherever you go, you are always prepared to fight any danger coming your way.
  • Physical Conditioning: Jiu-jitsu requires cardiovascular exercises, thus enhancing your aerobic and anerobic systems. It burns a considerable amount of calories per session, thus helping you put on muscle in weak areas. This particular martial art is violent in nature, due to intense grappling. A typical jiu-jitsu drill not only covers your cardiovascular training, it also involves resistance workouts with breathing and stretching. Consequently, learning the basic BJJ submissions can help you get in shape.

Mental Benefits

  • Facing Fear: The mental stress of getting hurt physically is mastered only by facing your fears. These fears are crucial for people coming from different walks of life in determining their success. Jiu-jitsu, being a combative sport, brings its practitioners out of their comfort zone by willingly forcing them to bear the pain. When you know you fear nothing, you tend to be more self-assured and confident.
  • Promotes Determination: Trying hard and then being drawn out by others, for days long, is not quite a good feeling. When you get yourself out there to learn these skills, you may get crushed, despite various attempts. In such situations, it is expected of you to get frustrated. But what takes you beyond expectations is your persistence. This sport inculcates in you, the ever fighting spirit, and instills a sense of courage and grit.
  • Encourages Humility: It is fun to intimidate people with your large body, right? Well then, I am quite sure you must not have been head-on with a skilled jiu-jitsu opponent half your size! BJJ is technique-oriented and has nothing to do with size. When you get submitted by someone smaller than you, you realize you’re not the best. With this realization comes modesty that keeps you grounded until you master the skill. It subsequently keeps you humble throughout life.

People from all spheres of life can walk into any jiu-jitsu academy and learn the secrets to improved health and a better quality of living.


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