Lingerie Fighting Championships Going Viral

It perhaps isn’t surprising that footage of the Lingerie Fighting Championships 20 Views going over UFC’s Youtube Page. After all, most men would agree it makes for much better viewing than a couple of tattooed and bald men taking punches at each other. Regardless of how popular the video is – and it has enjoyed a lot more views on YouTube than a clip of Ronda Rousey fighting – it does tend to drag the sport down into the depths of silliness and poor taste. Even showing MMA during primetime on the FOX channel can’t quite change the perception of the sport for many, which must say something, but exactly what?


  1. Its silly…its an insult to bjj and true athletes that work their asses off…and wtf …hair pulling?…you want to fight in your panties go to a friggin strip club and duke it out in w pool of jello…fucking stupid what people pay to see…if you have any respect for real mma and its athletes…then you wont watch this shit…


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