Loosen Up Your Tight Neck & Shoulders With These Simple Stretches

With most of us having to take a break from jiu-jitsu right now, our days likely look a bit different than they did before the coronavirus outbreak started. Our knees may be thanking us for taking a break from takedowns, but if you’ve been spending more time looking at screens and less time actively working all the muscles in your body, you may notice some new aches and pains that jiu-jitsu kept away.

Factors like stress and staring down at screens for hours can create tension in our necks and shoulders that can spawn pain in other parts of our bodies as well. Thankfully, though, BJJ photographer, purple belt, and certified yoga instructor Shawna Rodgers has released a stretching routine through Waffles at Midnight that can help reduce the pain of “text neck” and ease the tension in your neck and shoulders. Check out the clip below for a casual stretching session with a few furry friends, and for more of Rodgers’ stretching and yoga videos, visit the Grapplers Guide website.


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