Rehab Your Broken Body With This Less Woo-Woo Yoga Flow

By now there’s no reason for you to not be integrating yoga into your weekly jiu-jitsu practice. You understand it will relieve your pain and improve immune function, improve your submissions and defense, and have heard Joe Rogan sell it to everyone who will listen…but still aren’t down with downward dog.

For some people, no matter how much rock music or contemporary culture is worked into the practice, yoga postures still feel too rigid. Or a little too “woo-woo.” Or both.

If you’re a martial artist who struggles to do what’s good for you, consider getting to know “Primal Yoga.” A marriage of traditional vinyasa and practical functional movement, “Pain Free Posture” host and movement expert Annie Adamson’s ancestral approach to yoga helps practitioners heal lingering injuries, improve posture, release stored stress, improve focus, and mix therapeutic movement into their everyday lives. No mantras, no mandalas, no gimmicks. Her flows utilize jiu-jitsu fundamentals like up-downs, back rolls, and hip openers to both heal and prevent injury.

Bookmark this one. It’s a full flow sequence suitable for beginners and high belts alike, is totally free, and requires only a few feet of space (and maybe a pillow or block) to do at home. Perfect for days off or on the mats. Namaste.




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